60s-flower-child said:  Dani, I puslished Damaged's Turkish Translate, my wattpad is @waterfrog_ , love you

Thank you, love! I’m gonna check that out.

- Dani xx

Anonymous said:  ггг


- Dani xx

Anonymous said:  Hi Dani! Where I can read Damaged COMPLETE?

Go and look for it on my wattpad profile, love:

ayeloui said:  If I can still suggest a song for DWA then I suggest "Friends" by Ed Sheeran ♡ idk why, I just loveit. Xx

Ugh, I love this song. So much haha

Thanks love, I’ll add it xx

Anonymous said:  can you give me a passwoard ? xx.

Come out of anonymous and I will, love :) (Or send me a message in wattpad, or give me your email, whatever you think is better).

Anonymous said:  Oi Dani! estava olhando umas fanfics e vi que você escreve "Damaged", eu sempre quis ler ela, vi o trailer e me apaixonei haha só que eu não consigo ler muito bem em ingles, então queria saber se tem alguma tradução pro portugues dessa fanfic. Se tiver, me manda o link? muito obrigada! (brasileira aqui haha)

Acho que não tem amor ):

Qualquer coisa olha aqui e aqui pra ter certeza.

Anonymous said:  Hi Dani, do you know by any chance what fonts you used for your trailer "Dealing With Absence"? Thank youu. :)

I think it was Cold Bold (or Neou Thin I’m not sure) and ‘The Only Exception’. Probably. Sorry if it isn’t, it’s been so long

Anonymous said:  what is the A.M that you refer to on chapter 26 of DWA?

Author’s Mind. My notes at the end of the chapter :)

WW Characters - Nicola Wentzel

WW Characters - Nicola Wentzel

WW Characters - Louis Tomlinson

WW Characters - Louis Tomlinson